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Options for analytic databases and warehouses

What’s In The Report

The data warehouse and database market continues to evolve at a rapid pace. There are, of course, the legacy players in this space that we all know, but the scope of innovators and new players is constantly growing. 

This report focuses on these innovators, some of whom provide data warehouses or marts, while other are more geared towards data lakes, or even database engines, like Starburst Presto.

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Trends Examined

Deployment Flexibility

Almost all vendors offer a choice between on-prem, in-cloud, hybrid, and managed service deployments.

Compute & Storage Separation

Deployment Flexibility

Transition to Object Storage

With the transition from Hadoop to cloud data lakes, the support of data virtualization and federation is growing.

General Performance Improvements

Ranging from in-memory capabilities, in-database analytics, machine learning, ease of use & administration, security, and so on. 

About Bloor

Bloor is an independent research and analyst house focused on the idea that Evolution is Essential to business success and ultimately survival. For nearly 30 years they have enabled businesses to understand the potential offered by technology and choose the optimal solutions for their needs.

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