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Starburst Raises $22M To Enable Enterprises To Analyze Anything, Anywhere

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After Boom Years, Starburst and Podium May Signal Big Data’s Future

It seems like ancient history now, but “big data” was once a hot field with startups, investors, and big companies all buzzing with hype. Then the tech industry moved on, and marketers crowned data science and machine learning the Next Big Things (at least until blockchain takes over).Of course, big data never really went away—though many companies did. In fact, there’s a lot happening in the field, and some of it is linked to the rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence applications. If you’re looking for a guide to what has happened—and what the future holds—you could do worse than talk to a guy named Justin Borgman (pictured).

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Teradata spins off Starburst

Teradata has announced that it is spinning off the support and development of the Presto SQL on Hadoop engine, into a new company called Starburst Data. The logic behind this move is that Teradata is focused on the Fortune 500 but Presto has much wider applicability. Teradata feels that a separate entity will be better placed to exploit opportunities within the wider market. At the same time, the new company – largely staffed by people who had been at Hadapt (a previous Teradata acquisition) – will continue to work closely with Teradata so that, for example, Presto will continue to support the Teradata QueryGrid and it will continue to form a part of Teradata’s Appliance for Hadoop.

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Teradata Partners with Starburst

Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the leading data and analytics company, and Starburst, today announced a strategic relationship to keep the Presto community vibrant, growing and supported. The partnership builds on Teradata’s commitment and success with the Presto open source project, leveraging several former Teradata employees – key Presto contributors – who have formed Starburst. The new company will be focused exclusively on accelerating the development of Presto while providing enterprise-grade support to the rapidly expanding Presto user base. Teradata’s partnership with Starburst demonstrates a continued commitment to Presto and open source as part of its Teradata Everywhere strategy.

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Starburst Accelerates Presto Adoption for Fast, Interactive Queries of Big Data

Starburst, the enterprise Presto company, today announced the public availability of the Starburst Distribution of Presto. The company will provide enterprise-grade support to the rapidly growing Presto user base, while remaining focused on accelerating the development of the Presto engine through continued contributions to the open source Presto project.
Starburst was founded by a team of veteran distributed database system developers and open source enthusiasts, and includes the largest number of Presto committers outside of Facebook, the original creators of the technology.  Previously, the team led the Presto initiative at Teradata and will continue to support Teradata customers as a new independent company.

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