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Podcast: Justin Borgman Interviews with The VentureFizz Podcast

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Starburst brings an enterprise-ready Presto to Microsoft Azure & HDInsight users

Parts of this blog were co-authored by Ashish Thapliyal Principal Program Manager, Azure HDInsight   Starburst Data is excited to have our latest release, Starburst Presto 302e, be a part of the Azure HDInsight Application Platform. With Starburst’s availability, HDInisight users have access to a truly enterprise ready version of Presto that includes key security, reliability, and…

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Announcing Starburst Presto 302e with Mission Control

I’m pleased to announce general availability of Starburst Presto 302e, the most exciting and feature rich new Presto release by Starburst to date. When we founded Starburst in 2017, our vision was to enable our customers to query any data, on any platform, at any scale. Today, we’ve taken a big step forward towards realizing…

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The Presto Software Foundation

By now, we all know the Presto origin story: Three brilliant developers, Martin, Dain, and David, join Facebook in 2012 and start the Presto project shortly thereafter. From the beginning, Presto was designed to be a fast, interactive, SQL engine that can access data anywhere. Initially, that meant deploying a faster alternative to Hive and…

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Securing Presto with Apache Ranger

Starburst is excited to announce the general availability of Starburst Presto Enterprise 208e. This is the first Presto release to bring you Apache Ranger and Apache Sentry integration, vastly enhancing the security in any enterprise Presto deployment. Both Ranger and Sentry provide Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for services that interact with data in the Hadoop…

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Starburst Presto Cloud 203e now available on AWS Marketplace

Includes AWS Glue Data Catalog Integration and Graceful Scaledown   Starburst Presto Cloud 203e is now available on AWS Marketplace. With Starburst Presto Cloud 203e, we’ve made it even easier and more economical to set up and scale Presto to query data on AWS. Starburst Presto Cloud is now based on Starburst Presto 203e, which…

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Starburst Presto + Alluxio = better together

With more companies using Presto for reporting and analytics, we here at Starburst are seeing more use cases around operational reporting. These types of queries need to be returned subsecond and usually involve a small subset of the dataset. Presto was designed from the ground up to offer interactive analytics using a massively parallel processing…

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Presto Summit 2018 recap

Kamil Bajda-Pawlikowski, Co-founder & CTO, Starburst A few weeks ago, together with the Presto team at Facebook, we announced the first-ever Presto Summit. In less than 2 weeks the event was sold out as the number of sign-ups exceeded the venue capacity at Facebook’s HQ. We will certainly be ready for a much bigger event…

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Starburst Enterprise Distribution of Presto 203e Now Available!

Matt Fuller, Co-founder at Starburst Starburst is pleased to announce the availability of Presto 203e. The most notable features and additions include: AWS Glue Integration New Geospatial functions and improved Geospatial function performance Additional SQL subquery support Add SQL FILTER clause for aggregations Column level access control* Support for authentication with JWT access token Various…

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