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Decision Guide

When to Move Data & When to Query it Where it Lives

If you’re like most, you probably have a combination of various data warehouses, data lakes, data marts and cloud object storage built up over time. While each of these can support relevant analytic functions, what happens when you want to run queries that span these sources?

This decision guide by Bloor provides a comprehensive overview of the choices you have – either query the data where it is and then join the results, or move the data so that it is all in a common environment.

In this overview you’ll learn:

  • Methods for querying data across multiple sources
  • When you should consider each approach
  • Use cases for data federation


About Bloor

Bloor is an independent research and analyst house focused on the idea that Evolution is Essential to business success and ultimately survival. For nearly 30 years they have enabled businesses to understand the potential offered by technology and choose the optimal solutions for their needs.

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