Analyze anything, anywhere with Starburst Presto

Starburst Presto

Starburst completes open-source Presto for the enterprise.

Manage Your Big Data Costs – Starburst provides a true separation of storage and compute, allowing you to only carve out the compute resources necessary to meet your needs.

Improve The Time to Value of Your Company’s Data – When you can access all your data wherever it resides you increase the rate at which analytics can drive value.

Increase Your Optionality – Connect to all of your data sources allowing any user, with any BI tool, to execute interactive analytical queries


This overview of Starburst Presto covers:

  • Background of Starburst Presto and its unique ability to separate your compute from your storage.
  • Where Starburst Presto can run and what can Starburst Presto connect to.
  • How does Starburst Presto handle security?
  • Who uses Starburst Presto?

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