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Choosing the Right Path When Exploring Hadoop’s Future

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The role of Hadoop in the big data landscape is evolving. Since its creation over a decade ago, many companies have felt Hadoop under-delivered on promises of workload flexibility, performance, and ease of data access.

Hadoop projects often were undertaken with unrealistic expectations, and failures resulted. Gartner clients have described plans to replace broad, complex suites of jobs running against large, optimized data warehouses by “moving it to Hadoop.” Not surprisingly, many of these projects have not succeeded.

Merv Adrian and Rick Greenwald, Gartner
Read the full report to compare two scenarios for the future of Hadoop
  • On-premises Hadoop to cloud-based Hadoop
  • Migrating from HDFS to cloud object storage.

Gartner, Choosing the Right Path When Exploring Hadoop’s Future, 27 February 2020, Merv Adrian, Rick Greenwald.

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