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Presto Use Cases

Use Cases

Presto can be deployed in many different platforms and locations. Whether in the cloud or on-premises, the technology is truly platform agnostic. Today, companies are using Presto in a variety of ways — for single reporting applications, as a single enterprise-wide query engine, and much more. With the tremendous growth of cloud computing and self-service BI demand, Presto can offer a more agile approach to data access by data consumers.

Allowing data to be consumed by anyone that needs access has become increasingly important to organizations, along with the time it takes to make said data available. In fact, these time metrics have become critical to the success of company departments, whether they are looking at IoT data or providing customers with important buying decision data.

Presto provides a quick and easy way to allow access to data from a variety of sources using industry standard SQL query language. Further, end users don’t have to learn any new complex language or new tool; they can simply utilize existing tools with which they are comfortable.

Below are Presto use cases that Starburst has helped customers deploy all over the world.

Use Case #1 – Enterprise Big Data SQL Query Engine

With companies generating more and more data it has become harder to make it easy for users to query their data without expensive proprietary solutions. Presto enables companies to provide a query engine that not only queries large data stores such as Hadoop and S3, but allows this data to be joined with other sources such as a traditional relational database. “Query it where it lies” is what we here at Starburst like to say. With Presto, you can finally stop moving data around just to query it!

Use Case #2 – Simple Reporting Solution

Whether it be on-premises or in the cloud, Presto makes it very easy to spin up a small cluster and query data.  The technology enables one to query from multiple data sources in no time at all. This use is great for quick data exploration or providing access to data from a 3rd party vendor.

Use Case #3 – Self-Service BI

In the past, departments would need to request access to data in the data warehouse or data marts. If they wanted their own environment, they would need to get funding approved for hardware and expensive database software. Presto provides an agile solution that can be spun up and down for different use cases with ease. Departments or specific users that want access to data can spin up their own Presto clusters, query the data, then power them down. Waiting months has now turned into minutes, making budgeting much easier for all parties.

What Presto Is Not

Since Presto is being called a database by many members of the community, it makes sense to begin with a definition of what Presto is not. Do not mistake the fact that Presto understands SQL with it providing the features of a standard database. Presto is not a general-purpose relational database and is not a replacement for databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Oracle. Moreover, Presto was not designed to handle Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), similar to other databases designed and optimized for data warehousing or analytics.