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(It’s free and open source under the Apache license)

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Starburst Enterprise Distribution of Presto

The 203e Starburst Enterprise Distribution of Presto includes everything you need to install and run Presto on a single machine, a cluster of machines, or even your laptop. Our releases are FREE to use and are distributed under the open-source Apache license.

Presto Server Software

The Starburst Enterprise Distribution is the fastest version of Presto available today and includes our highly acclaimed Cost-Based Query Optimizer.

Presto Admin Installation Tool

Presto Admin makes it easier to deploy and manage your Presto environment.

Presto Client Tools

ODBC & JDBC drivers tested and certified to work with leading SQL and BI tools, plus the CLI tool for the hardcore SQL enthusiast.

Presto Documentation

For when someone says RTFM...

Starburst Enterprise Presto Client Drivers

The Starburst Enterprise Presto Client Drivers includes enterprise grade ODBC and JDBC drivers enabling you to use your preferred Business Intelligence tools with Presto.

The drivers are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Contact us for JDBC and ODBC drivers.

Why Starburst?

Presto from Github Presto StarburstData
Performance at Internet-scale Presto StarburstData
Separation of compute and storage Presto StarburstData
Open source and vendor neutral Presto StarburstData
Query optimizer StarburstData
BI tool connectivity
  • Connect BI tools via certified and authenticated OBDC driver
Enterprise security
  • Kerberos & LDAP integration
  • Security patches pushed to you
Fully tested, stable releases StarburstData
24x7 enterprise support StarburstData
Latest features & bug fixes StarburstData
Performance tuning StarburstData
Roadmap influence StarburstData

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Download the Starburst Enterprise Distribution.
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