Consulting & Training


At Starburst Data we pride ourselves on being the Presto experts. From architecture assistance to performance tuning to operational help, our goal is to ensure your experience with Presto is headache free.


Presto Assessments

Whether you’re new to Presto or have an existing cluster, let the Presto experts uncover potential issues in your current environment or discover recommended best practices for your new environment.

Our Experts Will:
  • Conduct a full review and provide a detailed documentation of your current configuration details and setup.
  • Capture and document installation and performance metrics of your installation that will measure the health and fitness of your Informatica environment.
  • Compare your installation details and metrics to standardized scorecards, providing an assessment score to rate your environment with a similar Presto installations.
You Will Receive:
  • Environment Assessment Document covering all details of your Presto environment.
  • Environment Scorecards assessing the rating of your environment to world class deployments of Presto.
  • Concrete recommendations, both short term and long term, that will improve the efficiency and value of Presto.


Advice & Architect

A solid architecture serves as the foundation of your enterprise query engine. Out of the box, Presto performs well for a majority of use cases; but outside of the many tuning parameters, under the hood, there are many more components to examine when deploying into a production environment. Items such as proper storage layout, connector tuning, and split sizes all need to be considered.

Let the Presto experts guide you through achieving best performance and maintainability to ensure end users receive the best experience possible.


Performance Tuning

Given the proven power and capability of Presto for large-scale queries, it’s important to be mindful of tuning considerations and best practices when implementing Presto into production. Out of the box, Presto has impressive performance capabilities, but with any technology, it’s hard to know what users will throw at it.

Starburst Data’s senior consultants can provide performance tuning and best practice engagements for any timeframe. From a few hours a week to full-time engagements, let our Presto experts ensure your environment is running smoothly and at peak performance.


Connector Development

Presto stands out from other query engines through its unique connector ecosystem. Connectors enable Presto to query data from a variety of different data sources, some of which are relational databases, HDFS files, Object stores (S3, Azure) and NoSQL stores like Cassandra.

Starburst Data has created many certified connectors for Presto which uniquely qualifies us to create new connectors regardless of the data source. We have also taken open source connectors and made them “Enterprise Level” through performance testing, bug fixes, and enhancements.