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Presto Managed Service

Introducing PrestoCare™

A Fully Managed Presto Service from Starburst Data

PrestoCare™ is a full-service offering that manages and administers your Presto infrastructure, reducing this time-consuming and distracting burden on your organization.

Our highly experienced PrestoCare™ administrators and developers will leverage industry best practices to help optimize your Presto environment, while providing you with a new level of stability and performance. Whether on-premises or on AWS or Azure, you can rest assured that our qualified Presto experts will provide their expert level of knowledge and care for your environment.

Starburst Data can assist not only in designing and building your Presto environment, but we can take the administration and monitoring off your hands — allowing you to focus on what you do best!


Monitoring – Our control center will be your watchdog as it monitors all aspects of your Presto environment 24/7/365 days a year.
Issue Detection & Resolution – All issues are immediately detected and addressed in a timely manner until a resolution is reached.
Notification & Escalation – To guarantee efficient issue resolution, we work with your internal IT staff to ensure proper notification and escalation parameters for issues affecting the Presto environment.


Proactive Maintenance – Our administrators perform periodic maintenance to keep your Presto environment operating at peak performance.
Change Management – Maintaining a complete, updated system can be a challenge. Our PrestoCare™ team of administrators will thoroughly manage deployments, including rollbacks and upgrades.
Capacity Planning – Growth of data is a standard issue facing many integration environments. Our team will continuously monitor hardware usage (CPU, storage, memory, and I/O) while providing guidance on capacity requirements.
Upgrade Planning – We compare your Presto environment with the most recent releases, and provide recommendations for the best platform, with minimal disruption and maximum benefit.
Patch Management – We will monitor any patches created by our Starburst Data development team and will apply them to your environment if needed.


Health Checks – Periodic Presto audits are provided for our managed services customers. The results of this review will be shared with your internal team to prioritize the resolution of any discovered issues.
Best Practices – We monitor naming and development standards, and notify internal team members of variations. This ensures that your Presto environment follows best practices and provides constructive feedback to your internal team.
Life Cycle – We provide advisory services throughout a project life cycle to make certain new iterations are properly implemented, efficient, secure, and effectively deployed.