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May, 2020Upcoming Webinars, Telco Case Study, Starburst Q1 Release
April, 2020Upcoming Webinars, Presto & Kubernetes, VentureFizz Podcast
March, 2020Presto Summit San Francisco, Presto at Zalando, March Presto Webinar
February, 2020Presto 2019 in Review, S3 Data Warehouse on K8s, Presto Summit Videos
January, 2020Presto on GCP at Walmart, Presto Summit Recap, Presto & Hive 3
December, 2019Last Chance for Presto Summit, Starburst 323e Release, Presto + RedHat Ceph
November, 2019Presto Summit NYC registration, Presto at Salesforce, Presto at Data Council NYC
September, 2019Presto Summit NYC registration, Presto at Robinhood, 2019 Datanami Awards
August, 2019Presto Summit NYC, Presto on Kubernetes, Presto at Lyft Deep Dive
July, 2019Presto Summit Presentation Videos, Starburst Presto 312e w/ K8s, Presto @ Wayfair
June, 2019Presto Summit Recap & Slides, Presto on Kubernetes, Apache Phoenix Connector Added
May, 2019Presto Summit This Month! (6/20), Preview of “Presto” O’Reilly Book, How EMIS Uses Presto for Healthcare Analytics
April, 2019Presto Summit 6/20 (Tickets Available Now), How to Query GCS, Real Time Analytics With Presto at Uber
March, 2019Upcoming Presto Summit, Optionality in Data Architecture, Presto Design Deep Dive
February, 2019Starburst Data’s Q1 Release, Presto at Strata + Upcoming Presto Webinars, 2019 Database Trends
January, 2019Presto Software Foundation Launch, Native Stats in Presto, Presto + Alluxio work for Neatease Games, …
December, 2018Elasticsearch Connector, Presto 213e, HyperLogLog performance at Facebook, …
November, 2018Presto v. Hive benchmark, Time series with Presto & Yugabyte DB, Google adds Presto option to Cloud Dataproc, …
October, 2018Presto @ Uber, Presto Security, Presto 208e released, Presto @ Myntra, …
September, 2018Presto v. Snowflake, Presto added to HDInsight, Iceberg deep-dive, …
August, 2018Presto v. Impala, Kudu Connector, 8.6B Row Benchmark, …
July, 2018Presto Summit 2018 Recap, Presto 203e Released, …