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Starburst Presto Care

Enterprise Presto support & SLAs from Starburst, the Presto experts

Presto Care is a multi-level Presto support offering for people using the Presto distributed SQL software for big data analytics projects.

Starburst is the largest contributor to the Presto open source project, and we are experts in distributed systems and large-scale data analytics.

Presto Care provides you with expert help on Presto architecture, performance, scaling, security, integration, administration, and more. It also includes software patches and greater influence over the Presto feature roadmap.

Presto Care is included with Starburst Enterprise subscriptions.

Support Levels

Presto StarburstData
Presto support hours - 24x7 StarburstData
Severity 1 response time < 1 hour StarburstData
Presto support hours - business hours (M-F, 9AM-6PM local time) Presto
Severity 1 response time < 8 business hours Presto
Contact channels: Email, Slack, Video Conference Presto StarburstData
Support portal Presto StarburstData
Design & performance reviews Presto StarburstData
Architectural advice Presto StarburstData
Change management & capacity planning support Presto StarburstData
Technical Account Manager StarburstData
Software updates & patches Presto StarburstData
Hot fixes StarburstData

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Architecture – Ensure your Presto environment is optimally architected for your specific use case. We will review hardware provisioning, storage layout, connector tuning, split sizes, and more.

Performance Tuning – Presto experts will recommend best practices to ensure your environment is running at peak performance.


Issue Resolution – Issues reported to the Starburst team will be addressed in a timely manner until a resolution is reached. We will work with you via Slack, email, even video conference.

Notification & Escalation – To guarantee efficient issue resolution, we will work with your internal IT staff to ensure proper notification and escalation parameters for issues affecting the Presto environment.

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Change Management – Presto Care administrators will support your team in managing deployments, including rollbacks and upgrades.

Capacity Planning – Data and query volume growth is often a concern for analytics projects. Presto Care experts will advise you on Presto system monitoring (CPU, storage, memory, and I/O) and help you learn when and how to change the capacity of your Presto environment.

Upgrade Planning – We will actively inform you of new Presto releases and provide upgrade and migration recommendations that minimize disruption and maximize benefits.

Hot Fixes & Patch Management – If the situation requires, our Presto experts will develop hot fixes to serious software issues and help you apply them in your environment.


Presto Connector Development

Presto stands out from other query engines through its unique connector ecosystem. Connectors enable Presto to query data from a variety of different data sources, some of which include relational databases, HDFS files, Object stores (S3, Azure) and NoSQL stores like Cassandra.

Starburst has created many certified connectors for Presto and has also made open source connectors enterprise grade via performance testing, bug fixes, and various enhancements. 

Interested in a connector not yet offered? Contact us!


Provide the info below if you have questions about Presto Care or would like to schedule time to talk.