Learning the Presto SQL Engine - Video Gallery

This collection of explainer videos, webcasts, and slide presentations will help you learn what the Presto distributed SQL engine is capable of and best practices for using it. If you have a presentation you’d like us to feature here, please get in touch!

Presto: Fast SQL on Anything

Starburst CTO, Kamil Bajda-Pawlikowski expalins:

  • The Presto architecture
  • Presto’s separation of compute and storage
  • Operating & Scaling Presto
  • Federating SQL queries across silos of disparate data
  • Update on the Presto roadmap

Webcast & slides

Securing Presto

Presto security best practices:

  • Securing Presto in a distributed environment
  • Authentication via user directory services
  • Role-based access control to databases, tables, and columns

Webcast & slides

Presto Query Optimizer: Pursuit of Performance

Martin Traverso of Facebook, and Starburst CTO, Kamil Bajda-Pawlikowski explain how Presto optimizes SQL queries for high performance in a distributed environment.

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