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Modern Data Architecture

Episode One

State of the Data Warehousing Market

In part one of our webinar series, Justin Borgman dives into what it means to stop chasing “analytics nirvana”, and start accessing data right away, where it lives. 

Episode Two

The Importance of Optionality

In part two, Justin Borgman speaks to optionality and the importance of learning to embrace storage/compute separation, to use open data formats wherever possible, and to create a data consumption layer.

Episode Three

Modern Data Management

Justin Borgman analyzes Gartner’s recent report, The Practical Logical Data Warehouse: A Strategic Plan for a Modern Data Management Solution for Analytics, and gives a strong roadmap for fast access and querying of the many types of data companies utilize.

About this Series

We spoke with Starburst CEO Justin Borgman in a 3 part video series, focusing on:

  1. The state of the data warehousing market
  2. Why you need to build optionality into your data architecture
  3. Recommendations for a modern data architecture

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