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Presto at Arm Treasure Data: A Journey of Migrating 1 Million Presto Queries

Presto Summit Webinar Series

In this July 16, 2020 Presto Summit Webinar, Taro L. Saito of Arm Treasure Data joins us to discuss how as part of their customer data platform, Arm Treasure Data utilizes Presto as the query engine processing over 1 million queries per day.

Arm Treasure Data had been using Presto 0.205 and in 2019 started a big migration project to Presto 317. Although they performed extensive query simulations to check any incompatibilities, they faced many unexpected challenges during the migration at production that are discussed in detail in this presentaton.

In this webinar you will discover:

  • Details on challenges and their key learnings
  • Latest updates on AWS Graviton2, the next generation of 64-bit Arm instance types that can be used for running Presto

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