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This collection of explainer videos, webinars, and slide presentations will help you learn what Starburst Presto is capable of and best practices for using it.

How Presto Works


Presto Role-based Access Controls (RBAC)
Securing Presto

Starburst Presto security best practices including: 

Securing Presto in a distributed environment, Authentication via user directory services, Role-based access control to databases, tables, and columns

Starburst Presto Architecture
Presto Overview: Fast SQL On Anything

Starburst CTO, Kamil Bajada-Pawlikowski explains:

The Presto architecture, Presto’s separation of compute & storage, How to Operate & Scale Presto, Federating SQL queries across disparate data sets

Starburst Data Logo
Introducing Mission Control

Our 1Q19 release introduced our new management console tool, Mission Control. 

Overview & Demo, Data connector review, Presto security enhancements

Presto on Kubernetes

We examine Presto on Kubernetes makes deploying and using Presto across hybrid and multi cloud environment much simpler.

Presto Bytes

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Presto Overview
How A Query Is Executed