NYC Presto Summit (2019) Recap

This past week the Presto Summit made its East Coast debut in New York City.

The Presto Summit, the foremost event for the open source SQL engine, Presto and its community, was hosted on December 11th, 2019 at The New York Academy of Sciences. The event was co-hosted by the Presto Software Foundation, Starburst, and supporter of the Presto project, Red Hat.

Developers, engineers, data scientists, and big data leaders from around the world gathered to discuss the project and see how some of the largest internet companies are using Presto to power their data platforms.

This iteration featured talks from Slack, Pinterest, Wayfair, Comcast, OLX, FINRA, Insight, Red Hat, Promethium, Alluxio, Starburst, and the founders of the Presto Software Foundation.

In this recap we’ll take a look at some of the highlights from the day and provide slides & video recordings from the presentations.

Presto Summit NYC Promotion


After an introduction from co-host, Red Hat, the keynote presentation was delivered by the co-creators of Presto and the co-founders of the Presto Software Foundation, Martin Traverso, Dain Sundstrom, and David Phillips.

Their keynote celebrated the 1 year anniversary of the establishment of the Presto Software Foundation. During this 1 year period the project saw 27 releases and over 2700 commits! Some major improvements to the project included enhanced security features (RBAC, kerberos integration, and more), more cloud and data source integrations, and overall better performance for the open source project. They went on to dive deeper into Presto Functions and fielded questions from the community about the project roadmap. Their keynote can be downloaded below.

Starburst Presentation at The Presto Summit


Our CEO, Justin Borgman presented at the Presto Summit. After highlighting how Starburst makes Presto more consumable to the enterprise (you can learn more about that here!), Justin shifted focus towards one the biggest benefit of Presto…enabling data warehouse analytics WITHOUT the data warehouse.

Companies have 2 general directions when building a next-gen data platform. The first is to effectively start from scratch, leveraging open data formats in a data lake model, giving you the most control and flexibility of your analytics. While great on paper, this a massive project that many companies are not in a position to undertake.

The second, however, is a more natural progression from where most are today. Rather than using a data warehouse model where ETL is required to move data from multiple sources, companies can integrate Presto as an abstraction layer, access their data right where it resides today, and perform their analytics immediately.

Download his full presentation below to learn more about this concept.

Speakers + Presentations

With a great line up of speakers, attendees were treated to a wide range of Presto use cases backed by real-world data. Presenters, topics, and their presentations & presentation videos are listed below.

Presto Software Foundation – Presto Summit Keynote

Starburst (Justin Borgman) – Data Warehouse Analytics, Without the Data Warehouse

Wayfair (Vinay Narayana) – Presto at Wayfair

Comcast (Sajumon Joseph) – Presto-to-Presto: Distributed Queries in a Hybrid Datalake

Red Hat (Michael St-Jean & Kamil Bajda-Pawlikowski) – Big Fast SQL with Presto on OpenShift

FINRA (Ivan Black) – Journey to the Cloud: FINRA, Starburst, and Presto

Slack (Cheolsoo Park & Ajay Bhonsule ) – Presto at Slack

OLX (Jakub Orlowski, Krzysztof Antonczak, and Facundo Guerrero) – Operational Data Hub for OLX Markets

Insight (Ken Seier) – Using Presto to Drive Faster Business Results

Pinterest (Ashish Singh) – Presto at Pinterest

Alluxio (H.Y. (Haoyuan) Li) – Enabling Presto in the Cloud with Alluxio

Promethium (Kaycee Lai) – Automating Data Discover and Data Prep with Presto


Presentation Videos


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