Increase Productivity by Leveraging Starburst Query Power & Alation’s Data Catalog

Thursday, June 11th  |  1pm ET

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Alation is pleased to join the Starburst Partner Virtual Roadshow to share how we help companies like Pfizer, DraftKings, MunichRe, and GE reduce the time spent on Data Governance and Data Cataloging to increase analyst productivity, reuse existing work and enforce governance.

Single Point of Data Access

Starburst Enterprise Presto gives Alation access to all the metadata of the various data systems that are leveraged by Starburst Presto. These are data systems that can be either onprem, in the cloud, or in a hybrid of both environments. This enables a single point of access.

Alation users can also execute federated queries to all the source data systems that Starburst Enterprise Presto is exposing.

What You’ll Learn

  • Overview of Starburst and Alation
  • How data catalogs help data analysts
  • Use the Alation data catalog to find, trust and query data
  • Create discovery queries against multiple data sources at once
  • Turn SQL into business user-friendly forms


Zahir Gadiwan
Senior Director, Partner Solution Architecture

Zahir collaborates with the partner ecosystem to raise competencies, build strategic joint solutions & grow champions to drive customer & partner success. 

Zahir Gadiwan Headshot

Louis Hausle
Solution Specialist, Alation

25 Year Veteran with Data Warehouse, Data Federation and Data Catalog experience with Companies Such as Alation, Snowflake Computing, Informatica and IBM

Louis Hausle Altation Headshot

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