Presto Training Series, Session 2: Understanding and Tuning Presto Query Processing

Wednesday, August 12  |  1pm ET

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The Presto Training Series gives Presto users an opportunity to learn advanced skills from the co-creators of Presto – David Phillips, Martin Traverso, and Dain Sundstrom. Beyond the basics, each of the four training sessions covers critical topics for scaling Presto to more users and use cases. 

This training session is geared towards helping users understand how Presto executes query. That knowledge can help you improve query performance. For instance, the explain plan is a powerful tool. We explore how to access the explain plan and how to read it. We look at the work the cost-based optimizer performs and how you can potentially help Presto run your queries even faster. Delivered by Martin Traverso, this session covers to following topics:

  • Explain the EXPLAIN
  • Learn how queries are analyzed and executed
  • Understand what the optimizer does, including some of its limitations
  • Showcase the cost-based optimizer


This free training is limited to 200 participants.

In advance, please download a free copy of Presto: The Definitive Guide.


Martin Traverso
Co-creator, Presto & CTO, Starburst

Co-creator of Presto, Co-Founder of Presto Software Foundation, and CTO at Starburst. Prior to Starburst, Martin worked as a Software Engineer at Facebook, and a Software Architect at Proofpoint and Ning.

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