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Starburst Enterprise for Presto® is the world’s fastest distributed SQL query engine. We help you execute fast queries across your data lake, and can even federate queries across different sources.

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Fast and affordable access to your data, at scale

Faster time-to-insight

Query anything, anywhere. We allow data engineers to get data consumers the data they need NOW.

Lower total cost

We reduce labor-intensive data movement projects while allowing you to gain efficiencies via separating storage and compute.

Data freedom

We help companies gain freedom from data lock-in by providing access to all data, wherever it lives.

Why Starburst

  • What is the problem we solve?
  • What is Starburst Enterprise Presto?
  • What is Presto?

Starburst Has Your Back

Starburst Enterprise is a fully supported, production-tested and enterprise-grade distribution of open source Presto. It improves performance and security while making it easy to deploy, connect, and manage your Presto environment.


From petabytes to exabytes – query data from disparate sources using SQL – with high concurrency

Control your price/performance with the latest cost-based optimizer

Caching available for frequently accessed data


30+ supported enterprise connectors

High performance parallel connectors for Cloudera, Teradata, and more


Kerberos & LDAP integration

Global Security for fine-grained Access Control

Data encryption

Data masking

Query auditing




High availability


Deploy anywhere


The largest team of Presto experts in the world

Fully-tested, stable releases, curated by the Presto creators

Hot fixes & security patches

24×7 support, 365 – we’ve got your back

Featured Resources

Starburst Enterprise Security Guide
This guide provides details on all of the security features provided by Starburst Enterprise. These include fine-grained access control, data masking and encryption, column and row level security, query auditing, as well as integration with Apache Ranger.
O’Reilly Presto Guide Download
Get a free digital copy ($60 value) of the first and foremost book about the Presto distributed query engine. Aimed at beginners and existing Presto users alike, there’s something for everyone to learn.
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Join this 30 minute demo where we’ll discuss how Starburst & Presto work and showcase the key features to help you run your analytics anywhere.

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Take the next step in establishing a more flexible and higher-performing analytics system.

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