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Put ALL Your Data To Work

Analyze Anything, Anywhere.

The World's Fastest SQL Engine

Big Data, Big Problems

The current state of big data & your business

Slow to Value

Painful ETL across distributed data sources impedes your ability to get value out of your data NOW.

Failure to Scale

Current architecture is prohibited by the collision of data growth, distributed systems, and the demand for data agility.

Pains of Proprietary

Next-gen data platforms are restricted by proprietary systems and vendor lock-in, depriving you of the freedom to use the tools that work best for YOU.

Starburst Has Your Back

Starburst completes open-source Presto, providing you with the world’s fastest SQL query engine

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Manage Your Big Data Costs

Starburst provides a true separation of storage and compute via our “SQL on Anything” data consumption layer.

This allows for your data to be stored more cost effectively, while only carving out the compute resources necessary to meet demand.

Improve Your Data’s Time to Value
Starburst’s connected architecture allows for highly performant analytical queries to be executed across any number of data resources regardless of where the data resides. 
This increases the rate at which analytics can drive value and introduces logic to the businesses approach to modernizing their data estate.
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Increase Your Optionality

Starburst allows for any users, with any BI tool to execute interactive analytical queries on workloads existing on any data source (cloud, within your own data center or both)

This enables your big data architecture to be inherently open, flexible and capable of existing within any stack as its defined by the business demand and the markets constant innovation of tools sets.


Achieve True Performance at Scale

Faster queries and greater cost efficiency via cost-based query optimization and other enhancements. In benchmarks, Starburst Presto ran 18x faster at 1/7th the cost of alternatives.