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Presto Newsletter – January 2018

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Data Lakes without Hadoop

It seems like migrating to the cloud has dominated the news and a lot of companies are shuttering their data centers and letting cloud providers handle it for them. Reasons such as elasticity, simplicity, and infrastructure agility are all great reasons but there are many companies that continue to host their own infrastructure. The reasons could be security or they believe the cloud doesn’t provide the cost benefits in their scenario.

For these companies, building a data lake usually means…

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Presto Memory Connector

There is a highly efficient connector for Presto! It works by storing all data in memory on Presto Worker nodes, which allow for extremely fast access times with high throughput while keeping CPU overhead at bare minimum.

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True Separation of Storage and Compute

For the last few years, the hot topic in any organization is the separation of storage and compute. With data volumes increasing on a daily basis as well as the types of data being stored, placing this data on a flexible storage medium such as HDFS and cloud object storage such as Amazon’s S3 and Azure’s Blob storage provides a company with great flexibility on when and where they consume this data.

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Presto Join Enumeration

Welcome back to the series of blog posts (checkout our previous post!) about Presto’s first Cost-Based Optimizer! Today let’s focus on the challenge of choosing the optimal join order. The order by which relations are joined affects performance of a query substantially. Poor join order might introduce unnecessary CPU and network overhead. To overcome that, the Starburst Presto release includes a state-of-the art join enumeration algorithm that will greatly benefit its users. Let’s first do a quick introduction how Presto join enumerator will speed up your common queries and then we will discuss the algorithm in more details.

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Presto Cost-Based Optimizer rocks the TPC benchmarks!

As mentioned in our previous blog about the Starburst Presto release and its hottest addition – the Cost Based Optimizer for Presto we’re happy to share the results of benchmarks we did for this release (195e) comparing it to the ‘vanilla’ Presto release 195. Now we will continue on the process of getting all those CBO-related changes merged into the ‘vanilla’ Presto repository.

The benchmarks were performed using a standard set of TPC-H and TPC-DS queries. As a side-note, I would like to highlight that, thanks to our team’s contributions throughout the last couple years, Presto supports 100% TPC benchmark queries and executes them unmodified! That is with no prohibited query modifications. You can find the queries in our repository.

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Starburst Enterprise Distribution of Presto 195e Now Available!

Today, I am pleased to announce the availability of Presto 195e including Presto’s first Cost Based Optimizer! With the new optimizer you should expect to see significant improvements in Presto’s query performance.  Our team, in collaboration with Facebook, spent the last year heads down working on it, so you can understand why we are pretty excited that this day has finally come!  You can read more about Starburst’s state of the art optimizer here.

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Starburst’s Query Optimizer for Presto Enables 10-15x Faster Queries

Starburst, the Presto company, today released its Enterprise Distribution of Presto, Version 195e, with the open source query engine’s first Cost-Based Optimizer (CBO). The company also introduced PrestoCare™, Starburst’s managed service offering for customers that want to leverage the power of Presto without the administrative burden.
“Leading internet companies including Facebook, Airbnb, Netflix, Twitter and Uber already benefit from Presto’s performance, but Starburst’s new CBO is another giant leap forward for this open source project,” said Justin Borgman, co-founder at Starburst. “Internal performance testing and customer benchmarking show a greater than 10x performance improvement for many analytical queries such as those in TPC-H and TPC-DS.”

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Building Presto Business No Magic Trick for Starburst

When it comes to next-gen SQL query engines, there’s no shortage of players jockeying for a starting role on big Hadoop clusters and in the cloud. While the Hives, Impalas, Drills, and Spark SQLs of the world have loyal fan bases, one competitor worth keeping an eye on is Presto, which has journeyman SQL credentials and commercial backing from an outfit called Starburst.

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Presto gets EVEN FASTER, with a 10-15x performance boost in upcoming release!

Next week, we will be releasing the Starburst Distribution of Presto 195e. Based on prestodb/presto 0.195, Starburst’s 195e will ship with Presto’s first cost-based optimizer! In our performance testing and in collaboration with customers in our beta program, we are measuring greater than an order of magnitude performance improvement for many analytical queries such as TPC-H and TPC-DS queries.

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