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Presto Enterprise

Enterprise performance, security, integration, and 24x7 support to make your Presto deployment a success.

White Paper: Presto Cost-Based Query Optimization

Take Presto to the Next Level

Originally developed by Facebook, and now used widely among leading digital and enterprise companies, Presto is the fastest growing distributed SQL query engine within the industry.

Presto is used for large-scale, interactive analytics, enabling you to run analytic SQL queries across a wide variety of data sources with elastic scaling.

SQL on Anything

Query terabytes of data from disparate sources using SQL. A single Presto SQL query can return results from data stored in Hadoop, S3, SQL Server, Cassandra, Kafka, Redshift, and many others.

Agile, Ad-Hoc Analytics

Architected for separation of storage and compute, Presto scales on demand, and eliminates the time and cost of integrating disparate data into a single data warehouse database.

Presto Security

Role-based access control, data encryption, and integration with Ranger and Sentry make it easier to govern and secure analytic data access from Presto.

125x Better Price-Performance

Fast queries and greater cost efficiency via cost-based query optimization and other enhancements. In benchmarks, Starburst Presto ran 18x faster at 1/7th the cost of alternatives.

Presto Enterprise Features

Starburst Presto Enterprise improves Presto SQL price-performance, security, and usability. Starburst Presto is rigorously tested and certified to work with popular BI and analytics tools. Presto StarburstData
High-performance, easy-to-scale distributed SQL Engine Presto StarburstData
Cost-based Query Optimization Presto
Certified integrations & drivers
Certified Oracle connector Presto
Ranger & Sentry security integration Presto
Fully tested, stable releases Presto
24x7 Presto Care support backed by an SLA Presto
Technical Account Manager Presto
Hot fixes Presto
Presto roadmap influence Presto

“FINRA monitors market data for trading fraud. Starburst Presto Enterprise separates compute and storage, making it possible to scale economically and analyze 25PB of data—100B rows of new data per day from 25+ sources.”

John Hitchingham,


Read the FINRA user story

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