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Starburst Enterprise on
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Combine the cloud computing services provided by GCP with the power of Presto, the fastest growing distributed SQL query engine. 

Scalable SQL & Data Integration for
Google Cloud Platform

The Power to Query Anything with SQL

Starburst Enterprise is available on GCP and can be deployed in the Google Cloud Marketplace or using the Starburst Kubernetes solution onto the Google Kubernete Engine (GKE). GKE is a secure, production ready, managed Kubernetes service in GCP managing for containerized applications. Starburst Enterprise on GCP includes:

  • Autoconfiguration of Presto cluster
  • Coordinator High Availability
  • Presto Autoscaling utilizing the Google cluster autoscaler.
  • Graceful scale down and decommissioning of Presto workers
  • Integration with Google Stackdriver

Deployment Methods

You can now deploy Starburst Enterprise directly from the Google Cloud Marketplace. You can also deploy in two additional ways. First, by using the kubectl tool and a YAML file describing the configuration to deploy Presto on GKE or second, by using Starburst Mission Control UI to hide those details and provide a web based user experience. While Mission Control provides a good user experience to deploy Presto, the kubectl utility is useful for those comfortable at the command line.

Starburst on GCP Architecture

Google Data Sources

Starburst’s extensible connector model allow you to query data where it lives. With Starburst Enterprise you can query data stored in Google Cloud Storage, Google BigQuery, and Google CloudSQL.

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Get started with Starburst on GCP and use Presto SQL to query any data source, of any size.