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The Fastest Path from Q to A

Presto is a distributed SQL query engine, originally developed and open sourced by Facebook for large-scale, interactive analytics. Starburst Presto is a more feature-rich version of Presto developed by Starburst Data, providing enhanced Presto query performance, security, connectivity, and ease of use.  

Faster Presto SQL

Presto SQL query optimization delivers superior big data price-performance.
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Faster Time to Value

Get big data projects up and running much faster than traditional data warehousing.
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Faster Scaling

Separation of compute from storage enables easier scaling of big analytic workloads.
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The Presto Experts

We're the leading contributor to the Presto project, with team members from Teradata, Vertica, & others.

Companies Using Presto

Presto powers some of the biggest analytic projects in the world at companies like Facebook, Netflix, Verizon, FINRA, Uber, AirBnB, Comcast, Yahoo, Lyft, and many others.

A New Big Data Architecture

Separation of compute and storage to scale big data analytics more easily and cost effectively.

Fastest Presto SQL Performance

Starburst Presto SQL Benchmark thumbnailStarburst Presto includes a cost-based query optimizer which improves Presto query performance, by over an order of magnitude faster in many cases.

Faster query throughput allows you to answer more with less. Benchmarks show Starburst Presto providing 125x better price-performance than Amazon’s Presto on AWS EMR.

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Starburst Presto includes everything you need to install and run Presto on a single machine, a cluster of machines, or even your laptop. Starburst Presto is FREE to use and distributed under the open-source Apache license.
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